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Using the Plutus Playground

Plutus Playground is a lightweight, web-based environment for exploratory Plutus development. Here you can easily write and deploy your contracts without the overhead of installing and maintaining a full development environment and blockchain. Once Plutus is fully integrated with Cardano, it will be possible to deploy contracts that you develop in the playground to the Cardano blockchain itself.

You can access the playground here or by downloading a Docker image and running it locally on your own computer.

To run the playground:

docker pull inputoutput/plutus-playgrounds docker run -p 8080:8080 --tmpfs /tmp inputoutput/plutus-playgrounds:latest

The playground takes a couple of minutes to warm up but once it is ready you should be able to visit http://localhost:8080

Within the playground there are three panes for you to use.

The editor pane has Haskell syntax highlighting, type checking, compilation functionality, as well as a feedback console.

The wallet pane shows a list of wallets with associated funds and includes controls to trigger contract endpoints, as well as a list of the current sequence of wallet events for execution. Finally, the transactions pane shows a visual representation of transactions, outlines how funds are assigned to wallets, and details any invalid transactions.

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