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What are the requirements for using the IELE testnet?

Please refer to Testnet Skill Set and Requirements for more information.

How do I get test tokens to use with the IELE testnet?

Please refer to Faucet and Testnet Tokens for more information.

How much does it cost to use the IELE testnet?

The testnet uses test tokens rather than real currency to test your contracts. Test tokens are provided using a faucet component which you can use for your testing purposes. Please refer to Faucet for more information.

What is the difference between KEVM and IELE?

KEVM has been designed to be compatible with EVM while IELE is designed to be more efficient and allow other languages to create smart contracts.

What should you expect in terms of performance from KEVM and IELE?

For KEVM, developers should expect an acceptable performance. With the new compiler for KEVM, performance should be at least as fast as any other ethereum clients. IELE, on the other hand, has been designed with performance in mind, so please report any performance penalty as a bug.

How can I adapt my smart contract to run on the IELE testnet?

You can use the checklist ‘Moving Solidity code from EVM to IELE’, and watch the video: No DAO attack with IELE.

Why does the blockchain explorer show a blank screen?

This is known defect from the blockchain in Internet Explorer 11. We recommend you update your browser to Edge, Chrome or Firefox.