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Executing Solidity Smart Contracts on the IELE Testnet

Compiling and Deploying Step-by-Step

Now let’s start compiling and deploying smart contracts with step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to the Remix IELE website.

    Remix IELE looks like this:

    As usual you can write your smart contract in the left pane and compile or verify using the right pane and tabs.

  2. Click Start to Compile button. You will notice there are new warnings and compiling errors thrown up by the IELE VM that do not appear in standard Solidity. This is a good opportunity to learn about the language differences.

  3. Select the Run tab and environment: [IELE TestNet (dev)].

    This will connect you to to the IELE testnet itself.

  4. In the account write your address for the tokens you received from the faucet

    If you do not have any tokens, you can request them by clicking the button [Open faucet]

  5. Click [Deploy IELEVM] to publish your smart contract.

    Once your smart contract has no compilation errors you will be able to deploy it.

    After a few seconds you will get a transaction hash (tx hash).

  6. When your smart contract is deployed, a new panel ‘Deployed Contracts’ appears. On it, you can call your functions. The ‘safe’ functions that only read from the blockchain are colored blue; in red are the functions that write to the blockchain.

  7. You can also review your smart contract from the explorer. Just copy and paste the address or ‘tx hash’ in the search box, and you will be able to confirm the smart contract was deployed.

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