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Testing network connectivity

We encourage you to try out various network configurations and scenarios so that we can assess the patterns that occur and how the nodes react in real time. The more configurations that exist on the network, the better placed we are to determine how the nodes are functioning.

The first thing a node will attempt to do is download the genesis block, or initial block0, and the main way to test the connectivity of the network is to check if the genesis block was downloaded correctly. If the node is unable to do this, you will see an error message at start up and the node will be unable to connect to other nodes.

You can use the REST API interface to test whether the node has started, or look up statistics about the network activities and verify that it is working correctly. To set up the REST interface in your configuration file, use these steps.

To get statistical information about the node, use the following query:


For example:

jcli rest v0 utxo get --host ""

Alternatively, you can use the JCLI to fetch node statistics, as described here.

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