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We support Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms for this testnet. The following versions are required:

  • Windows 10
  • Linux (2.6.18 or later)
  • OSX (10.7 Lion or later)

We will be providing package installers for each platform: Chocolatey packages for Windows, Snaps for Linux, and Homebrew for Mac. We are also planning to distribute a docker image for easy installation.

The Snaps Linux package installer is now available. To use this installer, follow these steps:

  1. Run this command:

    snap install jormungandr && jormungandr.bootstrap -a -l

  2. Next, you need to perform some manual steps in the jcli.

    • Check the jcli documentation here.
    • Then you can look at the jcli instructions in the script.

    In particular this section:

     FAUCET_SK=$($CLI key generate --type=Ed25519Extended)
     FAUCET_PK=$(echo ${FAUCET_SK} | $CLI key to-public)
     FAUCET_ADDR=$($CLI address account ${ADDRTYPE} ${FAUCET_PK})

To run the Rust self node, we recommend the following infrastructure:

  • A minimal version of Rust 1.35.
  • The Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL). How to install the WSL
  • Version 18 of Ubuntu.
  • For Linux or Mac, you should have Nix installed with the IOHK cache enabled. This will speed up building the node. How to set up the Nix IOHK cache
  • Appropriate disk space: Enough space will be needed for the blockchain to grow. A solid state drive (SSD) of at least 35GB is recommended.

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