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We support Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms for this testnet. The following versions are required:

  • Windows 10
  • Linux (2.6.18 or later)
  • OSX (10.7 Lion or later)

We will be providing package installers for each platform: Chocolatey for Windows, Snaps for Linux, and Homebrew for Mac. We are also planning to distribute a docker image for easy installation.

The Snapcraft Linux package installer is now available. To use this installer, follow these steps:

  1. Run this command:

    snap install jormungandr && jormungandr.bootstrap -a -l

  2. Next, you need to perform some manual steps in the JCLI.

    • Check the JCLI documentation here.
    • Then you can look at the JCLI instructions in the script.

In particular, this section:

FAUCET_SK=$($CLI key generate --type=Ed25519Extended)
FAUCET_PK=$(echo ${FAUCET_SK} | $CLI key to-public)
FAUCET_ADDR=$($CLI address account ${ADDRTYPE} ${FAUCET_PK})

The Windows Chocolatey package installer is now available.

Please be aware that packages will be moderated and are only made public once they have passed both an automatic review and manual approval on the website. There could be a short delay while this process is completed.

To use this installer, follow these steps:

  1. Run this command: choco.exe install jormungandr
  2. Next, you can run the bootstrap script: bootstrap-jormungandr.bat

To run the Rust self node, we recommend the following infrastructure:

  • A minimal version of Rust 1.35.
  • The Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL). How to install the WSL
  • Version 18 of Ubuntu.
  • For Linux or Mac, you should have Nix installed with the IOHK cache enabled. This will speed up building the node. How to set up the Nix IOHK cache
  • Appropriate disk space: Enough space will be needed for the blockchain to grow. A solid state drive (SSD) of at least 35GB is recommended.

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