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Support and Help

Your feedback is important because it helps us improve IELE and the testnet. We have set up several communication channels to help with the process:

  1. Telegram
  2. Email technical support

Telegram Channel: Cardano Developers

You can reach the developers of Cardano directly at the Telegram website. Just join the @CardanoDevelopersOfficial channel.

How to Raise an Issue with the Technical Support desk

You can use Zendesk to inform IOHK Technical Support about any issues with the testnet. Report an issue by sending an email. This creates a ticket in Zendesk that the IOHK Technical Support team can respond to.

To raise an issue: Send an email to testnet.goguen@iohk.io

Please ensure that you specify the name of the testnet in your email. You will receive an automated email response with a URL that allows you to see and track your ticket.

Click the ticket URL in the automated email to visit the IOHK Technical Support page in Zendesk. Any open tickets are displayed in the ‘My Activities’ list in the IOHK Zendesk Help Center, where you can monitor the progress of tickets you have raised.